Mission Statement

Empower the artistic, the unique and the independent individuals.
Appreciate and embrace diversity.
Encourage creativity and responsibility through fun and meaningful experiences.
To give back to the community through our alliance, The Children’s Breakfast Club
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What we do?


Little Miss Grand Continental Queen Canada
Miss Teen Grand ContinentalQueen Canada
Miss Grand Continental Queen Canada

Fashion Show

Frequency: Bi-Annual
Spring and Summer Collection
Fall and Winter Collection

Products and Services

Beauty Pageant Coaching

Interview Consultations & Platform training.

Hair and Make Up

Wedding, Special Occasions, Birthdays, Pageant, Graduation, Performing Arts, Fashion Show, Business Parties.

Catwalk Training

Walk flawlessly on stage and or runway. Sashay the stage with grace and poise.
From catwalk basics to intense. Twirl your way to utter level.

Many Other Crucial Things

Styling, personality enhancements, wardrobe consultations, made to order wardrobe, custom made jewelries, fitness training* and image consultation.

Meet the LUNIJO Production Corporation Staff

Team Member

Luise Trinidad

Choreographer, Catwalk, Customer and Relation Specialist
Team Member

Nicolas Ordonio

Hair and Make up
Team Member

Jonathan De Leon

Jewelry Designs, Fashion and Modelling Consultant and Social Media
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